Aboard the Killin' Time II


You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the fishing when you schedule a charter aboard the Killin' Time II.  We're docked at the Breezy Point Marina.  Located right on the Chesapeake Bay, this complex is within minutes of the most popular Middle Bay fishing spots.  There are no 20 to 40 minute "harbor tours" at 5 mph before getting to the bay aboard Killin' Time II.  We are at cruising speed within 5 minutes of leaving the dock and are frequently fishing in 15 to 30 minutes.  Our customers fish for 7 to 7.5 hours of their 8 hour fishing trip while others spend up to 2 or 3 hours cruising as part of their charter.

Our full-time professional crew ensures that your fishing time will be spent where the fish are.  We fish throughout the Maryland season - April through November - and this is our full time occupation.  Since we fish the bay every day, we know where the fish are.  Others spend hours looking for fish - our customers spend hours enjoying the fishing.















That enjoyment is enhanced by the superior accommodations aboard Killin' Time II.  Our boat is U.S. Coast Guard licensed for up to 34 passengers and outfitted with the latest in equipment to ensure your safety and comfort.  

Pricing of trips aboard Killin' Time II is competitive, and both 6 and 8 hour trips are available. Discounts are utilized for fire, rescue, law enforcement, and military personnel. Please call or email for current rates.

Close to fish.  A professional crew that knows where the fish are.  A spacious, comfortable boat.  Just three of the many reasons to book a charter aboard Killin' Time II today!

Looking for a fun fishing experience?

Then look no further! The Killin' Time II has many things you can do for a reasonable price!

We promise that your trip aboard the Killin' Time II will be both enjoyable and interesting. So bring the family for a fun-filled day on Killin' Time II!

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Killin' Time Charter Fishing
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